FAQ: Referral Code for customers

Q: What is a referral Code?

When your software licenses expire, other than reaching out to one of our certified partners for help, you could head to our eStore yourself and purchase a warranty/subscription extension. Before check out, you can type in your partner’s referral code to have them continue providing you technical support.

Q: What do I get from inputting the referral code?

As a customer, you won’t receive any monetary benefit from inputting the referral code. The corresponding partner however, will receive rebate from your purchase.

Q: Why would I want to input a referral code?

The partner will receive a notification when you use their referral code. They are then obligated to provide continued support for your device.

Q: What kind of products or services are eligible for referral codes?

Referral Rebate is now eligible for the following subscriptions:

  • EssentialCare & PrimeCare.
  • SpeedFusion Connect Protect
  • SpeedFusion Connect 5G/LTE
  • IC2 Subscription
  • Other Software Licenses

Q: Where can I find my partner’s referral code?

You can contact your partner for more information.

Q: How do I use the referral code?

On our eStore, at the bottom of your cart, you can find a box to input a referral code. After you type in the referral code, proceed with your purchase as normal.