FAQ: Peplink eStore Now Accepts More Currencies

Q) Can I see the new price list for my region now?
A) The new price list will be available via your eStore account on 8th March 2021. If you want to see this now, please contact your VAD or Peplink account manager for the new price list.

Q) Will Peplink offer the currency in other regions in the future?
A) We will always look for ways to offer commonly traded currencies. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming future.

Q) Will my local currency be reviewed as exchange rates fluctuate over time?
A) No, our aim is to provide a stable local currency in order to eliminate the risk of doing business in other currencies.

Q) Can I choose which eStore currency I purchase from?
A) Unfortunately, you will only be able to buy from your default eStore. (Although, if you wanted to pay in another currency, it will be a direct equivalent of what is already shown).