FAQ of Painting Peplink Antennas

In certain cases, antennas need to match their surrounding colors for aesthetic reasons. One of the most optimal solutions is to paint the antennas. Below are the most common questions related to painting antennas.

Can Peplink antennas be painted?

Yes, all of our antennas can be painted with any color. The IMPORTANT thing to note is to use non-metallic, non-conductive and non-absorptive paint. Metallic particles (e.g. titanium dioxide, iron oxide or any others) will act like a shield and significantly degrade the antenna’s performance. In some cases, polymers still can be conductive even if they are non-metallic. Conductive polymers are widely used for anti-corrosive coating.

Does painting an antenna void the warranty?

Painting an antenna does not void the warranty if the paint has no effect on the antenna’s performance. In other words, if the fault is related to defects in hardware or workmanship, we will still process RMA even if it’s painted.

What type of paint can be used?

The practices provided below can be used as reference, but are not intended to replace the paint manufacturer’s instructions. We strongly recommend contacting the paint manufacturer about product information, painting instructions, necessary equipment and application instructions.

What are Peplink antennas made of?

The plastic parts in Peplink antennas are made of PC (polycarbonate) plastics.

What should I do before painting the antenna?

Before you start painting the antenna, you should:

  • Wipe down and clean the entire antenna surface.
  • Lightly sand the surface using a Scotch-Brite or a similarly very lightly abrasive brush.
  • All RF connectors should be covered. The paint can negatively affect the quality of the electrical connection and the performance of the antenna.

Are there any recommended paints?

Paint recommendations:

  • Primer: Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer (P/N B51W00150)
  • Coating: Sherwin Williams topcoat SHER-CRYL HPA (P/N B66T354)

Note: While the recommendations above refer to specific Sherwin-Williams® products, Peplink does not endorse one manufacturer over another. This is just an example of some of the paints that can be used and there are many other paint options that would work as well.