FAQ: How SpeedFusion Cloud plans are calculated

Confused about how our SFC top-up plans work alongside your existing plans and top-ups? Read on…

Q1. If I have an active SFC plan and purchase a new one will the SFC traffic and expiry date add up and extend?
If you add a new SFC plan to an existing one, the traffic will be carried forward and the expiry date will further extend by the validity period for the plan. I.e., on top of your current expiry date.

Q2. If I buy multiple SFC plans at the same time, will the expiry dates be added up?
The maximum expiry is 3 years. For example, If you buy 2x SFC-CLD-F plans at the same time, which has a 3-year validity per plan, the maximum expiry will still be 3 years.

Q3. If I renew my Care Plan and at the same time purchase an SFC plan, how will the traffic and expiry be calculated?
If you purchase a new Care plan and SFC plan, but still have traffic/validity remaining from your existing Care plan, only the remaining traffic will be carried forward. The expiry date will be according to the new Care Plan.

Q4. If i have an existing Care Plan and buy a SFC Plan, how will the traffic and expiry be calculated?
The SFC traffic and expiry will begin from the date of purchase.

Q5. I have purchased a 4-year PrimeCare for my Transit router and I plan to buy SFC plans to top-up. How is this calculated?
The Transit comes with 500GB per year of CarePlan. So you will have access to 2TB with an expiry date in 4 years. If you top-up with an SFC plan, the expiry date will be calculated as per the validity at the time of purchase.

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