False Alerts from Router

I have multiple Balance Routers.

For the last 5 hours I’ve been flooded with FALSE alerts from one unit on the iOS App.

20 Startups. A dozen cable disconnects. Connections. And more.

Problem is, none of them are real.

Restarted unit and it’s continuing.

Only that one router thus far.


I would add that I’m not getting email alerts of the false conditions either. It seems to be this one router and the iOS App that started about 5 hours ago.

I have unchecked ALL notifications from Router, yet I am continuing to get the alerts.

I have also rebooted iOS devices.

Same result.

I am experience the same false alerts in Android all morning. Getting alerts with past dates (ex. 7/13/21). Nothing in logs except login info (same as mentioned above). Running firmware 8.1.0 (build 4939). Home router Balance 30.

Clearly not iOS only as Android report above.

I have taken the password out of the App.

Even that does not stop the alerts.

I’m also receiving alerts every couple of seconds on IOS

Given all the first time users in 2 threads (and silence from Peplink) perhaps it is a plan by the Peplink Community Forum Manager to get more users active :man_shrugging:t3:

Hey me too! This morning woke up to 20 notifications on iOS app. I thought it was due to me changing out the admin lan access from Untagged to a vlan.

20+ notifications but didn’t see anything in the logs.

I believe though it was my OpenVPN wan reporting a problem.

Haven’t had anything else since. I didn’t reboot anything however.

Same here. Have a single Balance Two, and I’ve been spammed on the Android app most of the day. It’s eased off in the last couple of hours for events that occurred days ago

12 false alerts from one router in 18 minutes.


Don’t know what to say, guyz. But, here’s one data point: All OK here. We use RU extensively and Router Utility is well behaved with no spurious alerts.

The reported symptom has been escalated and the team has rectified the issue. It should be fixed now.

Do let us know the outcome once you have verified. :wink: