Failure to resolve proxying route for request

I have two sims - at&t and Verizon and I’m utilizing speedfusion cloud. Since we only have one data provider that is really working in the area we are in, I disabled the speedfusion cloud. When I went to log on to work, I received the error message “failure to resolve proxying route for request”. I re-enable speedfusion cloud and was able to access my VMWARE horizon session.

Anyone know why this would be?

@robertfruth, where do you see that error message as it doesn’t look familiar to me? Probably you may submit a ticket to further look into it?

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@WeiMing, a ticket with who, Vmware Horizon or Peplink? It happens in the Vmware HOrizon screen.

Hi Robert,

The VMware horizon client and server are not able to communicate with each other.
The logs on the Horizon Connection server will likely give you a better idea why this is not working, but a few possible reasons are:

  • Your SIM does not have a static ip address (by using the Speedfusion Cloud the Horizon server communicates with the IP address of the cloud rather than the (dynamic) ip address of your SIM).
  • Some people reported this error when “Use Blast Secure Gateway for HTML Access to machine” on the Horizon Connection Server properties in the Admin console was set to enabled.

You can either use a workaround by routing your traffic via the Speedfusion Cloud or report it to the person / department managing the Horizon Connection Server.


@Erik_B, I don’t have access to the VMWare horizon logs and my company’s tech support won’t troubleshoot with me. Is there anything at all I can do on the peplink side? Is there a way of ensuring that I have a static IP address on my SIM?

A static IP address on your SIM is a service that usually has an extra charge.
A Peplink partner in your area might be able to help you here.

As an alternative you could keep using the Speedfusion Cloud or you can make use of a free FusionHub Solo license and route your traffic via speedfusion.
There is some good information on the forum how to configure this.

A step by step tutorial is available here.
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