Failure on Bonded FEC Tunnel

Hey Everyone, I’m new to Peplink, love what I’m seeing. I am having an issue where one of my two bonded connections fails and brings down the entire tunnel.

My Max Transit is bonding over it’s cellular wan and an hd1 on the wan port. The SFC FEC tunnel (on the MT) has both wans set to the same priority (1). The MT also has both wans set to the same priority (1) on the dashboard.

Things work great until one of the wans drop and then there is a prolonged outage. Is this expected behavior?

I’ll rephrase. What is the expected behavior for a tunnel when one of the bonded connections drops? Does that invalidate the whole tunnel or do the remaining connections continue to support the tunnel?

Hi and welcome to the forum!

With multiple connections live in a tunnel when one fails the other should keep it up. What does your event log say happens?

It hasn’t happened for a while, I didn’t notice the log (rookie error) when it happened. Maybe SFC was having issues that day?


Possible please open a ticket for support team to check. Support team may need to know which SFC location you are connected to investigate further.

I have a similar question using 2 WANs bonded into a SFC tunnel for WAN smoothing.

Is there a way on a MAX HD2 to pull in a pair of cellular WANs if one of the original bonded pair fails?

I can’t find a configuration that will bring in the cell WANs if one of the primary WAN fails. This configuration above will quickly hot fail when both of the primary WANs have failed.