Failover slot for SIM card on MAX BR1, MAX STS DUO and MAX HD series


How going things on UE?

I have a little question about multiple SIM Cards slots for failover purpose.

Well this docs says when you added second SIM Card on failover slot you can use two configs.

1º - For failover when primary carrier down.
2º - for control your data transfer plan. (redux costs)

My question is:

The switching between slot one and failover is automatic for different carriers? (fictitious exemple VADAFONE and AT&T)
Or I need reconfigure informations about APN on pep devices when use two different carriers on principal and failover slot?

If automatic or applicable in installation moment ok is perfect for my application!!!
Else, ok works but need reconfiguration in run time.

Thanks a lot !!!

You can configure the APN for each individual SIM card and the failover is automatic if the 1st SIM card loses signal or the data cap is reached.

Tim Thanks for your response !!! :smiley:


Hi Tim

Sorry to interrupt this tread :slight_smile:
But actually I have wondered about which criteria the BR1 looking into for failover between sim A and B ? Is it just when the preferred sim loose total signal or is there any possibilities to adjust some criteria ?

I think maybe to tell the unit, that if SIM A comes below -110 dBm, it switch to sim B or if Latency is above XXX ms ?

That could be a very cool feature :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a nice weekend

Michael Juel

Hi Michael,

If Sim A totally lost signal with the provider, failover between Sims will happen.

Your suggestion is well noted. This should be improved in the future release.

Thank you.