Failover Settings


I have spectrum cable modem which is notorious for what I would call brown outs, it isn’t total failure of WAN connection. How does peplink handle this? Are there suggested settings to identify and failover for this type of scenario? Using max BR1 mini.


Hi. Are you using the health check feature located at Network -> WAN -> Details -> Health Check Settings? Not exactly certain what you mean by “brown out.” If you mean “show down” this feature may or may not catch the issue. If the service drops then reestablishes it likely will. You may want to set the parameters “tight.”

Just curious: Is the modem provided a simple modem or is it one of the “does everything” boxes – modem, wi-fi with multiple SSIDs including their unencrypted "cable internet wi-fi " service?


You are hitting on my concern. The ping health checks are good at determining if the connection is down but more often than not, it is the connection slow down
to the point performance is impacted.

Trying to use cable modem in WAN and 4g for failover for simple office network. Just really struggling on how to handle these brown out situations.



Can you answer my question about the modem?

Also, I’d also be curious as to what Spectrum says.

Would adjusting outbound policy meet your needs, I wonder? Peplink/Pepwave is quite versatile in that regard.


Not sure exactly what your modem question is.

Spectrum is famous for not owning a problem, we typically get them to fix but takes time. This is why I want wifi backup.

Not sure what features you are referring to regarding outbound policy



Yea, well, now I’m confused also about what you are doing there. :thinking:

Outbound policy: Pepwave/Peplink routers let the admin configure how outbound connections are to be handled. See These are important to understand and may help your situation. Lot’s of “power” there.

“Wi-fi backup”: In your last message you referred to this but did not in previous messages. Are you connected to the device Spectrum gave you via ethernet or wi-fi. (I hope not the latter.)

Modem: I am asking you WHAT the device is that Spectrum furnished. Is it a plain 'ol modem or is it a gateway/router/phone adapter/etc gizmo. If you can just give me a model number off of the data plate I can figure it out.

And, FWIW, your experience with Spectrum is pretty much the same as ours. The only way you can succeed with them is to be very knowledgeable about the issue, have data to present to them that illustrates the issue, and very persistent.


Outbound policy, is that available on mini mbr? I do think this might be the answer b/c you can use latency and other elements to route traffic.

Not using wifi as wan, sorry for confusion. Using Ethernet.

Modem – aries standard modem for them. We have in bridge mode.

Yep, that is my experience with spectrum.

Thanks for help.


Yes, outbound policy is a feature of your router.


I’ve reviewed the logic, but I don’t think what I want is supported. I’d like the logic to test latency and packet loss of the primary connection. If it drops below a certain threshold, than fail over VoIP and a few other applications to a cellular connection. Looks like it is able to route based on lowest latency, but not minimum quality connection.


I see in the beta release of firmware there are additional algorithms to address WAN health. Is there more info available on this functionality?