Failover if ISP slows? using GotW3 Cell and ViaSat satellite

I have a Balance 20 and I need a setting that will let the router use whichever WAN is most stable. I’m using GotW3 4G (at&t) and ViaSat satellite. Both have issues at different times, and neither one will trip failover. They just slow down to a crawl, but don’t totally disconnect.
Any tips would really help. Thanks.

There are at least a few options:

  1. Tweak Health Check settings to make the failover condition faster to react
  2. Use SFC. This one would be better from a reliability perspective, I think.

Would you be willing to explain how to tweak the health checks?
Which of these two would be easier to do for a novice? I’m trying to learn as I go here, and make the most of very poor connectivity.
Thanks for the help.

Sure - there is an excellent summary here: Health Check Mechanisms Against Link Failure

The idea here is to make the health check classify a link as “down” sooner.

It seems that with your current Health Check settings (defaults?) the router considers the link to still be operational, yet the link is too slow to be useful for your purposes. With these settings you are in full control over what link is considered to be down vs.

For example, you can classify the link to be down if ping to takes over 2,000ms 5 times in a row.

Hope this helps!