Failover between two WANs that are kept separate?

We’re considering the Peplink 20 for use at a small business where we have two internet connections: an Earthlink connection for business, and a Time Warner Cable connection providing free wi-fi for customers. For security purposes, we cannot link balance between these two connections – they need to remain separate.

Does the Peplink 20 have the capability to run our two connections separately like they are now, but in the event of an Earthlink connection outage, automatically terminate the free wi-fi and switch business activity over to the Time Warner connection?

We’ve considered investing in a secondary business connection to link balance the Earthlink connection with, but the configuration described above would serve our needs more economically.

Any input is appreciated.


Using the Peplink and a switch supporting VLANs you could create two LANs one for business and the other for wireless. Traffic between the two could be seperated using the firewall functionality. The Peplink can easily direct business LAN to Earthlink and wifi LAN to TimeWarner as well as handle failover for business clients to cable when EarthLink fails. However the Peplink has no way to automatically shutdown Wifi client access when this failover happens. Both business and wifi clients would run simulataneously sharing the cable link but still be separated by firewall restrictions.


Alright. Thanks for the explanation, Jonan.

Dear Jonan
Do we need Layer3 switch or just Layer2 switch can do the VLAN’s??

Hi Mohan,
A Layer 2 switch with vlan capable should do the work, the inter-vlan routing can be done at the Peplink Balance 20.

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