Failing DNS test

My Peplink is giving me a failed DNS test error. I just had the modem replaced and it started the DNS error an hour after that. I updated the firmware to 6.3.2 build 2427 the WAN 1 ip address is 71.14… and the LAN ip is 192.168… I have changed the cables and wires. I called the cable company and they say it is on our end. We have a cable splitter and the other company that shares our cable has never had a problem but we go down all the time. I changed the position of the cables on the splitter and still the same problems every 15 minutes. Any help would be much appreciated.

This is probably because your ISP’s DNS servers are flaky. I recommend to use Google’s DNS servers and for the Health Check targets, these are configured on the specific WAN connection. Let us know how it works out. Thanks.

Well, I started off with Google DNS and that didn’t work so I used the cable company ip and it worked for an hour then gave DNS errors one after the other and won’t stop. I can’t figure this out.

Did you adjust the default health check settings? You should temporarily disable the health check altogether and see how it works, this would help narrow it down. Have you also had trouble using other routers or directly connected to the ISP modem?

I just now unchecked use first two DNS servers and I did check use public DNS.
I did disable the health check earlier this morning but that didn’t seem to work. I did connect directly to the ISP modem but I didn’t leave it connected long enough. I will try that again if this doesn’t work. I will try another firewall tomorrow if all else fails.

I figured out what was wrong. The original modem that we had for a year slowly failed over time, finally a few days ago it kept powering off and on every 5 minutes. The cable company put a new modem in and it started giving the DNS error. I called them back out and they tested it and it bricked and wouldn’t come back up. So they installed a second new modem and it has worked perfectly without error ever since.
It was the new modem and nothing else. What a mess. Thank your for your help this issue is resolved now.

Good deal :up: