Failed health check

I got a failed health check on my T-mobile sim card on slot B. My AT&T sim in A slot is working fine. I have a max transit duo 18. What can I do to fix this? Thank you.

What scheme are you using for the health checks and what are the settings?

Are you using this in a single WAN environment?


To tell the truth, I bought it out in three SIM cards and it’s worked great. Don’t know much about the settings. Haven’t touched them at all.

OK … First, if you are operating in a single WAN environment (1 WAN in use at a time) there is no real need for the health checks and you can turn that feature off. (The feature is really important when more than one WAN is in use, however.) If you want to use it set it for ping to “known-good” hosts such as and When you do that what happens?

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thank you, I will give that a try!

We use this as a wireless device in our 5th wheel trailer. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Well, the location of the device doesn’t make a difference but the number of WANs does. As discussed in other threads, the health checks perform a vital function if you have >1 WAN. If you have only one – cellular – my recommendation would be to disable it.

Thank you again! I do have 3 different SIM cards in the max transit. Is that still okay to disable it? Not sure what WAN means.

OK. Too many variables here. Sounds like you may have a multiple WAN device abd you are not getting any help from the Partner who sold it to you.
Exactly what model is it?
I’m going to PM you my phone number. Feel free to call me.

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