Fail over loop?

In a dual sim card configuration with Verizon and ATT - if the 1st card VZ is told to fail over to the 2nd card ATT after it reaches a certain data limit (lets say 50 Gig) and it fails over to 2nd card but the ATT network is down or goes down…will it fail back to the VZ card and if so what happens with the rule and is a loop created.

Is there a way to set up a fail over to 2nd card after the band width is reached unless 2nd card is down -then switch back to 1st card and send a notification

In this situation there is no other WAN connection (no dsl,satellite, cable, etc) as the unit is sitting on a gas pad in the middle of nowhere running on solar

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If the first cellular WAN connection is configured to be disconnected when the monthly allowance is reached, it will not resume this connection, unless this option is turned off or the usage has been reset.
The router will keep attempting to connect to the 2nd cellular connection.

It is currently not possible to set up a fail over to 2nd cellular connection after the band width is reached with advanced logic.