Facing Router Login problems in BR1


Ever since I’ve upgraded the network, it appears to be functioning in terms of VLAN routing and Internet access, however I cannot directly login to the router via the router’s IP address. I was previously using but it is not working right now.

What do I do? Should I roll back the firmware or any other support guide?

Hello rafaelsolano,

Are you using InControl2 (IC2) to manage the BR1? Does anyone else have local access that they may have made any changes to the BR1?


Yes, the router’s details has been sticked to our Refrigerator but I don’t think anyone would change it. My son’s friends come a lot but they just access the WiFi.

Have you searched on google? There are many guides available through which you can easily get out of this issue. Perhaps, this https://routerlogin.onl/192-168-1-20/ might help

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If you have the Web Admin Login information posted on the refrigerator, I would recommend taking that down to limit access to the unit. The gateway would only be able to change IP addresses if someone else has changed it.

Is the unit being managed via IC2?


Yes, I manage it with InControl. Why?

If you had configured IC2 to manage the network and had a different gateway listed on accented, this would push the gateway setting down from IC2 to the device, overwriting the existing gateway.

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