FAA Certification

I have a re-seller who has a customer who wants an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) licenced cellular Peplink.
Does such a thing exist? It is for use by the pilot when on the ground, instead of the VSAT they currently use.

Hello Rory_Ingen,

What is the required certificate from the FAA for such devices?

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Zach, that’s all i have I am afraid!
They have a 10 year old 3G router on the plane which is FAA certified and want to replace it.

I didn’t see any FAA certifications listed on our certs page and am not able to find any documentation about this internally. Could you please ask what cert is required for devices in these locations?

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If in the USA: Would a STC (supplemental type certificate) or a field FAA (FSDO) sign-off not be required?

We are not aware of any “FAA certifications” for Peplink equipment – which is not to say such devices cannot be installed in non-experimental aircraft.