Extra WAN host on WAN link?

Hi all,

I have a PePLink 210 (revision 1) with firmware 5.3.9. with 2 WAN link connection running in drop-in mode.

WAN 1 IP address is (example) is router, is balance IP, is Firewall IP address.

All function is working as expected, however, I have a host (HostA) that is configure as and connect between the Balance and Router.

HostA can connect to internet via router directly, however, I cannot connect to hostA from the Firewall, HostA also now able to ping the balance IP and also the Firewall IP.

I have setup a Firewall rules to permit all traffic with log enable, I can see the Firewall permit the connection, but hostA still cannot access all IP behind the Balance. is there anything I’ve missed?


You have to select the check box “I have other host(s) on WAN segment” on the LAN Configuration page > Drop-in mode setting.

I hope this could resolve your problem my friend.