External Static IP's

So we just got the PEP20, and have both WAN’s up and running. One is connected via PPoE to a DSL Modem, and the other is connected via DHCP to a Moto Netopia modem/router.

The Netopia DSL line has 5 static IP’s from ATT., and are set up using “IP Maps” in the Netopia, so that traffic for a specific IP address would be routed to a specific address on the LAN. (123.321.123.321->

We’re trying to do this now with the PEP20.

In the PEP 20 on the config for WAN1, in the Additional Public IP Settings, we’ve added the 1st of our 5 addresses,and used subnet, which populates our static IP’s. Save, Apply Changes

Next, also in the PEP20, under NAP Mappings, we’ve added our LAN Host(, In Connection/Inbound, selected the Netopia, and the external IP address(

Also on the PEP20, in Connection/Outbound IP address, have selected the same static IP address under the Netopia. Save, Apply changes.

But it’s not working.

Back in the Netopia, I’ve deleted the original IP Maps as the LAN addresses are now different, and still no go. I’ve also tried using the IP address of the PEP20 for the IP Maps, but that’s not working either.

I’m not a network genius… but I’m assuming there is a way to make this happen… I doubt I’m the first person to run across this problem…

Any suggestions?

Hi Jeffrey,

It sounds like your Netopia DSL modem is in NAT mode. I recommend putting it in Bridge mode so the public IP’s can pass through to the Peplink WAN interface.



Hey Tim!

Perfect advice!

Now is working as planned.

One other quick question… on the PEP20, how do we access/change/manage the balancing act between the two WANs? I don’t see it on the Network or the System page…

Thanks again for your rapid reply!

Hey Jeffrey,

If you want complete control of the balancing act, change your outbound policy to “Managed by Custom Rules”. Remember to leave the two default rules in place; HTTPS Persistence and the default rule which is a weighted balance rule based on the values you input for the upstream/downstream bandwidth on the individual WAN setup pages.

Have fun and enjoy your new Peplink!!



Thanks again for your easy to follow help!