External splash page issue


Encountering an issue when trying to set up a custom external splash page. I managed to get our own portal page up and running. (running on a webserver hosted on Digital Ocean). To authorize the device, you need to send a post request to captive-portal.peplink.com:8000/portal.cgi from the webbrowser.

The only big issue here is cors… When posting to the url, the browser omits an error because of the difference between our domain (portal page) and the request to the peplink domain.

Proxied the request, but as the url captive-portal.peplink.com:8000 is only reachable when connected to the peplink wifi, that doesnt work…

Anyone who solved this already?

This is the original knowledgebase article: Configuring an External Splash Page for Captive Portal

And this is the original portal demo code example Dropbox - portal_demo.zip - Simplify your life