External Omnidirectional Antenna with BR1


Hoping to reach networks with weaker signals when using Wi-Fi as WAN, I replaced the stock Wi-Fi antenna with a 9.5" Outdoor Omni WiFi Antenna (2.4GHz) (http://3gstore.com/product/3623_cellphone-mate_at-cm-wifi.html). Now the BR1 has an even tougher time seeing nearby Wi-Fi networks. It acts like there is simply no antenna attached whatsoever. Anyone have any ideas? I am using the latest beta firmware (MAX BR1/BR2) available today.


How far away is the antenna from the BR1 and what kind of cable are you using? 2.4GHz has a lot of cable loss…


Yeah, I think that just may be the problem. It is less than 10 feet away (mounted on the roof of an RV), but at the time, the cable bundled with the antenna was a 20’ low loss cable. I may need to swap that cable out with a new 10’ ultra low loss cable (http://3gstore.com/product/1262_ultra-low-loss-cable-10-foot.html). I see some of these inline amps that provide power to boost the Wi-Fi signal (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00SHC9SKG). Are these at all helpful or do they cause more harm than good?


Yeah, having a shorter better quality cable should help. Those boosters sometimes work depending on the environment…