External LTE Antenna for Balance 20x

Can someone lead me in the direction for an LTE external antenna that is compatible with the Balance 20x along with type of cable(s) we will need? I know the type of antenna will vary, but anything omni or directional and where to purchase will be extremely helpful.


Would this one work?

Is the cable SMA type on both ends?

Yes, BUT I’d get the newer architecture (I have two of them). They are higher gain and support the higher frequencies that 5G requires. Here’s a link. XPOL-2-5G

There are different variants for cabling. The ones that I have are 5m long, integrated at the antenna with SMA connectors that attach directly to the router - A-XPOL-0002-V3-01.

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Peplink has a product page for all of their antennas here

They don’t yet offer a MIMO directional.

aww correct