External Display on outside of enclosure

if a MAX-BR1 / MINI is inside an enclosure on a gas / oil pad. is there a way using raspberry Pi or some sort of HMI to be able to show device status without opening up the cabinet or C1D2 enclosure.

could it show carrier connected, signal strength, on off status etc… what would have to be polled or extracted in order to provide a display…

talking about somebody onsite physically at the location not using a laptop without access to controlling.

Yes. There is a device API which you can use to pull device status using a raspberry pi to display on a screen.

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can you provide part number(s) , web pages, or do you provide consulting services

I do provide consultancy services - feel free to PM me on here if you want to have a chat offline. There are no part numbers I can share as it would be whatever the right single board computer platform is for your needs and a display and then custom code.

The only Peplink partner that I’m aware of that has a custom display for a BR1 is the Excelerate group here in the UK on their Linx Hub product which looks good.

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