External Access to Peplink Balance One After Disabling LAN

Hi, This is a bit embarrassing… My other house 3000 miles away from this house where I am (relatives in other house are clueless to Tech) is in a rural place with no internet or tv services commercially available. It is on a river with unobstructed LOS to a marina where I’ve installed Verizon FIOS on a high roof and I send that signal (via Ubiquity radios) to a water tower near my house and from there radiate a wifi signal to my house and several others which get it via a Ubiquity antenna/radio. In my case, CAT6 takes it into my Peplink Balance One. This is all legal by the way. I am able to access the Peplink Balance Web admin via the router’s static Verizon IP 72.83.1xx.x:8151. (both https and http work). I’ve done this for years to manage and control useers/updates, etc in my house - especially things like bit torrent stuff.
So I was in there yesterday trying to figure out how to block a device that was receiving unauthorized programming. My CAT walked across the keyboard and UNCHECKED the box (in the network tab, LAN/WAN) “enable” for the only network available “UBNT”. Ding! All gone. No internet there at the house and no way to access a now-totally-offline router. I used to have a fail-over network via T-Mobile rocket modem - but discontinued that because it was iffy at best. Would have been nice now.
Oddly, I have security cameras that must bypass the Balance One, because they are unaffected - but have port 81 (vice 8151). I didn’t set those up, so I don’t understand how they can still be visible with the network disabled!
Anybody have suggestions how to access, wake up, re-enable my UBNT WAN/LAN other than climbing on a plane? Thanks, Franceen

I would at least try to talk a user through re-enabling it over the phone via FaceTime (or android equivalent). Just have them show you their computer screen through the phone and walk them through step by step. I imagine the wifi networks are still broadcasting and will allow LAN clients to get to the web UI.

Another option (cheaper and safer than flying out) would be to buy another device, configure it how you want it, and then ship it to them. Even people that aren’t technical can fit the round peg in the round hole, and the square peg in the square hole.

Good luck. Silly cats.

Does anyone on site have an android phone with a data contract that works? An android handset connected to the USB port might get the Balance One online in IC2 to be remotely managed…

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Thank you all. I will take your recommendations and try! First facetime/laptop method then Android - IC2 - yes there is one that works there. I guess she will have to get a samsung to USB cord or a adapter. AND jmpfas: I thought that was MY picture for a moment because the cat that unchecked “enable” looks identical to the one in your picture - !! 2020-10-05 18.01.11|243x500 .

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