Exterior antenna replacement study

Hi, first of all, I’m very new in this topic: antennas.
We’re trying to replace this antenna https://download.peplink.com/resources/pepwave-ant-102.pdf (which is discontinuated) with some spare made or import with some vendor here in Chile. We found this it’s seems suitable to work, here the link Lk-Distribuidor de productos para conectividad y redes en Chile
The vendor told us , “probably the MAIN connector/antenna SMA, in our Peplink MAX HD2, has the Horizontal polarization and the Diversity/aux SMA connector has the vertical polarization”. We want to confirm this, and if you have more information (documentation) about antennas in order to found some replacement eventually, will be very appreciate it.
Thanks , Marco Bravo

Hi Marco,

The current directional antenna from Peplink would be the IOT-20G (https://download.peplink.com/resources/pepwave_iot_20g_datasheet.pdf).

It is slightly higher gain that your ANT-102, and I do not know how the antenna pattern compares as the old data sheet does not provide that information, so maybe someone from Peplink could help here.

The antenna is where the polarisation happens, not the connectors on the Peplink itself :slight_smile:

The IOT antenna is dual vertical according to the data sheet, if you really need a cross polarised antenna you will probably need to look at a 3rd party solution. The one you linked does not seem to have a detailed data sheet but it would probably be “OK”.

A suggestion from me if the Peplink IOT is not suitable or easy to obtain would bea
Poynting XPOL, (XPOL-2-5G) which I have found to be a reasonable quality part and generally available, but it will likely be a higher cost than the one you linked.