Extending Peplink ID to InControl

Extending Peplink ID to InControl

Continuing on with our Peplink ID unification, we will be extending the Peplink ID to InControl as of 1st March 2021 (3 am UTC) . This will take effect on iOS devices around 1-2 weeks later. This will further simplify the login process for all users of our platforms by utilizing the same login credentials across the board.


Why should I use Peplink ID?

By using Peplink ID, this allows you to use one centralized account across our active platforms (e.g. eStore, Marketplace, Forum) for logging in. Gone are the times where you need to memorize different login credentials for different systems. This simplifies the management of your accounts for trouble-free access.

I had an InControl account, why do I see “the email address provided is not registered with Peplink ID"?

You will need to create a Peplink ID with the same email address. Once this has been done, you can login to InControl 2 using the same email address, as well as all our other platforms. Simple.

What will happen to all my access and data if I begin using Peplink ID?

Your access and data will remain the same, only the method of logging in will change. You will then be able to use your new Peplink ID credentials going forwards.

What will happen with my Two-Factor Authentication?

Your InControl account along with your Two-Factor Authentication will be migrated to Peplink ID. To access InControl in the future, please login with your newly created Peplink ID.

Is it mandatory to create a new account if I have been using Google to login?

You may continue using Google to login if you have been using it previously. The Peplink ID is for those who wish to create one account for all our platforms.

I have not received any activation email from the system, what should I do?

You should receive the email within a few minutes, please also check your spam folder.

I cannot complete this process, what should I do?

Please submit your request via our online ticketing system.

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I cannot login to my InControl via “Sign in with Google”. I received the following error message. What should I do?

You received this message because your organization does not allow “Sign in with Google” users to access the organization. In such cases, you will need to login with a username and password (screen capture below).

Alternatively, you may request the administrator of your organization to disable the “Authenticated with Password” option in Organization Settings.

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