Extending old technology to new technology, How I setup a PRI over SD-WAN

Customer has a NEC phone system, and doesn’t like there current phone provider.
Customer has extensive wiring, based on CAT3/RJ11 and is not ready to upgrade the cable plant to support CAT5/VOIP.

Equipment used:
Balance 20x with cat18 module.
Yeastar PRI gateway
1sImplephone sip trunks over speedfusion tunnel.

What we setup was a PRI to sip gateway over sdwan tunnel.
There are two tunnels to two of our datacenters
Each tunnel has wired wan, cell 1 , cell 2 part of the tunnel for failover.
Tunnels route private not routable, vlan tagged network so to our sip servers the ip never changes.
The Gateway then converts the sip trunks to a PRI handoff to the NEC system.

Since we also used PRI instead of SIP trunks for the client, the client did not have to get a sip license, or change any
configuration on their NEC system and they have a redundant connection via two datacenters.

Client can now continue to use their existing phone system along with some of our advanced features such as:
Call logging/reports
Call Recording
Time of day/Random start of call messages.
Easy ability to forward calls if their building were to loose power or their NEC system is not functioning.

Here are some pictures from the lab and then at the client site.

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