Extending Balance One Wifi

I’ve created an SSID on my Balance One using pretty much default settings
2.4 and 5 Ghz

5 ghz settings:
20 mhz channel bonding
Auto channel

2 ghz settings:
20 mgz channel bonding
auto channel

using wpa/wpa2 password

I’m trying to extend this network using an apple time capsule. per apple’s instructions, it sounds like I should choose “extend a wireless network”, but when I do this, the time capsule tries to establish a wireless connection to the balance one (they are connected by ethernet) and then produces an error that says it can’t extend the network. On the other hand, if i choose “create a network” and give it the same name and pass as the one on my balance one it does seem to work. Is this the correct setup though? Just wondering if anyone else has used apple hardware to extend the network created by a peplink device?


Sound like you want to do WDS. Anyway, Balance One does not support WDS.