Extended DHCP Option 176 and 242 for Avaya IP phones

We have a customer rolling out 22 sites and would like to use Peplink for the routers, a mix of about 10 Balance 30s and 12 380s. To make this possible we would need the ability to set the Extended DHCP Option for 176 and 242 for the IP phones to pull the configurations needed. Is there an option to set these parameters?

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It does not look like these extended options are currently supported. However, I did work with a partner that required 156 (shoretel) added as an option and the engineers were able to get this done. I believe the extended options are added as needed. I would like their sign off on this before I make any promises but it should be doable.

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I look forward to hearing the results.

comminc, DHCP Option 176 and 242 will be implemented in firmware 6.1. We are wrapping this up in beta. If you want to sneak a peep, please signup to the beta program at http://www.peplink.com/beta/ and you will be notified when a beta is available.

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I wanted to check on this. I just purchased a Balance 380 running 6.1.0 and need extended option 176, 242 for an Avaya IP Office.


Firmware 6.1.0 supports extended DHCP option 176, 242. You can check it in Network > LAN > DHCP Server Settings

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Yep, saw that earlier. We have windows servers that handle Options 176 & 242 with the following string: Option 242 MCIPADD=A.B.C.D,MCPORT=1719,HTTPSRVR=A.B.C.D. I’ve entered the same format in the Balance 380 but the IP phone is not seeing the call server. As a work around I have an IP helper address on my access switch pointing to the call server which is set up for DHCP for my VoIP VLAN. I prefer to have the Balance 380 do all the DHCP work but Option 176 & 242 is not working for me. Is the string format the same for Firmware 6.1 as a Windows DHCP server?

To verify the VLAN & phone could reach the call server, I statically entered the phone IP, call server IP, http server IP into the phone. Once done the phone was functional. This tells me the extended option for 242 is not functioning or the string format I’ve entered is incompatible.

Wireshark indicates Option 242 being requested by the IP phone during the DHPC request but shows the peplink not showing option 242 in the DHCP Offer even though it is added as an extended option.

Can you provide the Wireshark capture which includes the DHCP request and offer between the Avaya phone and Windows DHCP server?

Please submit the result by creating support ticket

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