Extend wifi using surf on the go

Hi Iam having problems using my pepwave surf on the go connecting to my network via the wired function,. I want it to extend my existing wifi signal. I can find on my search for wireless networks but there is no internet connection. Im now also having trouble connecting to the admin page.

Hi pana,

what’s the IP-Adress-Range of your network? What is the IP of the Surf-OTG?

What kind of trouble do you have with the admin page?


Hi Dennis, I can’t gain access to the admin as my browsers (safari, chrome & IE) all show the IP ( as not safe. I have managed to gain access to it this morning via Firefox, and also my iphone following a factory reset. It now seems to be working Ok but I now still cannot access the admin/dashboard page on the surf on the go?
My Ip Lan range is to
When I was in the admin page it has been assigned the LAN of
I am using the unit as a ‘wired’ device to boost my wifi.
Thank you for your interest.


it’s correct with the 20.1. That’s the default IP of the OTG.

I would try, to connect my notebook wired to the Surf-OTG without any other devices. So only your Notebook an your Peplink device. Than you should access the admin page without any problems.

I have no OTG on my desk today, so I can’t try your solution as wired device.


Hello and Good Day

I use the Surf otg along with a Surf soho. I will explain my setup and maybe this will help.

The Surf otg WAN is connected to the Surf soho (LAN) via Ethernet cable and has the IP address The Surf otg has WiFi AP. When a device connects to the AP it will show as a wired connection on the Surf soho
To see web. UI for the Surf otg I type in web browser. You get a certificate warning, but you can choose to continue and still access it with admin credentials.
The Surf otg is in bridged mode.

Thank you for your help, it now seem to working fine.