Extend Router Utility to include Switches

May I reiterate a previous request? We consider Peplink’s [free] Router Utility (‎Router Utility on the App Store ) to be a highly valuable product, if not well known. We use it daily and have introduced our customers to it as well.

Please extend RU to work with Peplink’s SD switches. It we could just have a way to quickly look at “basic stuff” – system status and port configurations/activity that would be extremely helpful.

There is no other product that does what RU does – we trust its development will be continued.

Would love to see an android version of RU.

The android incontrol app is useless.

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Agreed completely. You are not the first to request this. RU is an underused asset. Indeed, many folks don’t seem to know about it. One would hope development of this would be a priority. It adds huge value to the product.

Hi @erickufrin : I’m not an “Android guy,” but is this what you are looking for, I wonder? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.peplink.android.routerutility&gl=US ??