Exporting location and events

Hi there,

We have a peplink BR1 out in the field where we’re trying to determine our coverage along the way.

Basically what I’m trying to do is match the GPS information for the day with events in the device so that I can build a map of the coverage. The “Download GPX” option when looking at the device does not include the actual status of the connection. Has anyone done this before? Can I do this through the API?


Hi Matt,

We are already developing this functionality in InControl2, look for it in a future update.

Is there anything I can use today for that feature? Like a beta or anything? It would save me a lot of manual effort.


The feature is still under development but i think it will be available soon. For now there is no easy way to create a coverage map.

OK, thanks for letting me know!

Quick question… if the device is disconnected, will it store the GPS location and upload them once reconnected?

Yes, but only the last 4 minutes of GPS data could be buffered during offline.

We’ve had a number of our customers ask us about this functionality to export SIM connectivity coverage map with the GPX file.
Is this still under development?
Or could we export this data via API to run analysis of it in conjunction with the GPX file?


The mention signal coverage report by Tim is available in IC2 now. For more information, please refer to the attached screenshot

In conjunction for the “Cellular Signal with GPS location” report/Map, this is a scheduled new report for IC2 and will be available soon. Please stay tuned.

IC2 API is available now for the “Cellular Signal with GPS location”. For more information, please refer to the API below:


wan_signal {
type (string): Either 3G or LTE,
ts (string): Date/Time,
lo (number): longitude,
la (number): latitude,
at (number): atitude,
quality (integer): Signal quality (ECIO for 3G, RSRQ for LTE),
signal (integer): Signal strength (RSSI for 3G, RSRP for LTE)

Thank You