Export to Excel/PDF and change of date format

Hello Team,
I have a small feature request here from our SA Police client about the availability of the following in the device level UI Status → Usage Reports.

  1. Able to export report to Excel (and PDF if fine).
  2. Able to change date format from yyyy-mm-dd to dd-mm-yyyyy or more possible format for that matter.

at the moment, they are doing a painful step of copying and pasting to excel.

thank you!


IC2/ICA allow to download the usage report in CVS format. That should allow you to easily convert the reports in any format.

They are manually generating the report by device basics ? Possible the device managing by IC2/ICA ?

Thank you Sit.
Yes I have advised that comprehensive report features are found in ic2 however it is not their option and not in the near future as well.

And yes we are referring to direct UI access to the unit. Status → Usage Reports [Hourly, Daily or Monthly]