Expanding IP address ranges

I’m a total noob to this stuff and im not sure what to do here

I have a Peplink Balance 305 and it’s IP is we have and IP Range set for -
We have some devices on ips that i really dont want to move.

So my problem: I need more IPs we are growing and running out of IPs with all the Cell Phones, iPads, Work stations on the network.

How would i go about expanding this range? Is it as simple as i think it is, and just adjusting the subnet mask under the IP Settings in my LAN config?

I’d prefer the IP range expand to to Is this possible? or will adjusting the mask to expand me into -

Also will expanding this subnet create a disconnect for users on and ?


You can just change the subnet mask to /23 to have - as available IP’s.

Regarding the 192.168.2.x range you can change the subnet mask to /22 for them to be included. Otherwise if those are all receiving DHCP address, simply reboot the Balance and they will receive a IP from the applicable range setup in the Balance.

Thanks Jarid!

I think i might want to separate my wired and wireless traffic into two different subnets.

We are using Peplink AP One 300Ms.

Is there a guide online how to put the Wireless traffic in a separate subnet ?


In this case I would recommend enabling VLANs in the Balance to separate the wired and wireless networks.

Go to Network>LAN and click the (?) next to the LAN interface IP to unhide VLAN feature. Once enabled go ahead and create a VLAN network.

For example:

Native LAN: /24
VLAN 10: /24

Once VLANs are created in the Balance, you will just need to go into the SSID settings of the AP and define VLAN 10 for the VLAN ID. Any users connecting to this SSID will receive a IP from the VLAN 10 DHCP Server defined in the Balance.

We do have a knowledge base available with additional step-by step instructions that can be accessed via the below link.

Is it really necessary to create a separate VLAN for this purpose?

If you want to separate the wired and wireless traffic into two different subnets then yes.