Expand on the DHCP server

We’d like to see expansion on the DHCP server capabilities.

A couple things we’d love to see:

  1. More than one range of IPs
  2. The ability to do DHCP reservation based on a MAC address range

Looks the coming new VLAN feature could address your first request? For item 2, do you mind elaborating your application a little bit? Just want to make sure we have a full understanding of what we are trying to achieve here. Thanks.

Various applications. But basically a scenario when we have a group of devices from a specific manufacturer and want to more easily manage them and configure them and to avoid having to do individual reservation and for easier management of incoming or outgoing or NAT policies…

In most cases like devices from a specific manufacturer will be in a specific MAC address range out of the box.

One scenario would be SIP phones that we want to always have obtain an IP from a specific range of IPs and then route those devices to a specific interface. Avoids having to put in reservations for 20 phones individually but assures they are all in a range that makes it easier to identify they. They are all the same and have the same starting 6-8 MAC address digits. Let’s say that the phones use a host PBX service but not always the same port(s) for traffic. Let’s also say that phones break and need to be replaced and some are added over time. Assures that any that the client plug in up to that number of IPs should work.

Another example might be IP cameras and we want them all to be in a specific IP range again for grouping. They also have the same starting 6-8 MAC address digits being from the same manufacturer. There is a remote management client for viewing the cameras and by doing a range we can make incoming access to those cameras even when another is added or one is changed accessible to the software. Would assure that any that are changed or added will be within a range making it easier to identify/locate and that they would work without more extensive IT time or even involvement.

Group of non-computer devices perhaps associated to a networks a/v system. Group of TVs in a bar. Group of terminals in a retails environment. Devices that might get switched out from time to time for various reasons where the third party perhaps doing so and/or the client inform the outside IT well after the fact and IT needs to then troubleshoot and learn about the changes. Or need to be more involved when these last minute changes are done and gets rushed to have to address it. Better to be pro-active than re-active.

This sounds a good application. If I was to manage a large LAN, the peace of mind of having all say Polycom phones in a certain range would make some good sense out of the meaningless LAN IP address numbers. Just wondering what should happen if the range is too small for devices with the same MAC prefix in the network…


This functionality would also help support my previous request here. We actually use this kind of MAC-based assignment to shepherd all of our polycom desk phones onto a voice VLAN. Having the Peplink recognize the MAC range in the same way would help segment those devices from an IP standpoint, too.

+1 Same thing, need to manage large amount of VoIP devices

Hear, hear, guys. We will schedule to make this happen.

+1. Would be helpful.

This is great! but When? ETA?

+1, but in conjunction with VLAN capability.

@Caleb VLAN is targeted in the upcoming firmware 6.1, coming this quarter.

DHCP range by MAC address will come after this. I am eyeing first half next year.

Hello Kurt,

I have a client that has 50 Balance 380’s spread out across their corporation. They requested a feature that goes along with this post so I thought I would add it here. Their Peplink’s are responsible for handing out DHCP to their internal users. They would like the ability to release / renew specific device’s DHCP address directly from the Peplink’s management interface. Is this something that has been discussed by your team and do you think it is possible to add to the road map?

Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks!


Understood, Mike. Do we know the reason behind this manual release/renew?

Hi Kurt,

Specifically for troubleshooting DHCP options. They had a Shoretel phone that had already received a DHCP address. Shoretel phones cache the address until lease time. He added option 165 for Shoretel FTP server but could not get the phone to get this option until it’s DHCP lease had expired. He could have shortened DHCP lease time, but was not sure what the affect would have been on other system on the network. If he could have an option in the DHCP of Peplink to release/renew it would have been more helpful than waiting for lease time to expire. In another note - the client is very interested in having the ability of the DHCP relay option from Peplink, that would also resolve the issues because he could use Microsoft DHCP management to release/renew DHCP as well. Do you have further feedback on how this feature is progressing?


This is great! but When? ETA?

+1 I need this as well.