Exchange server 2003

We configured the Peplink 310 for our 2 ISP’s. All the LAN computer will go out the intenert on each connection as we did the failover test . The problem is the Exchange Server will not send or receive any email on either connection. We double check and made sure the Email server was working by sending internal emails which it did. We even tried to send SMTP down only one ISP using the outbound rule and that didn’t work either. Our setup is LAN>Router>Firewall>Peplink>ISP. Any suggest on what we can try to get Exchange working


Must be something wrong with your config somewhere. Do you know if those packets are even reaching the Peplink LAN port?

How would I determine if the Exchange packets are reaching the Peplink.

You can create a temporary outbound firewall rule using the source (private IP address of the email server) to allow everything and enable event logging. An inbound firewall rule specifying the destination (private IP address of the email server) with event logging enabled can be used to log inbound email. You can view the allowed connections under Status> Event Log if packets are reaching the Balance.