Exact features enabled by failover license (MAX-BR1-MINI-LC-FS)

Planning on a setup using both wired and WiFi devices to a BR1 with 4G LTE from T-Mobile being the only WAN connection. Basic stuff.

Does this require the add-on license MAX-BR1-MINI-LC-FS?
Can I get a clear list of all the features only enabled with this license?

It activates Ethernet WAN, Wi-Fi as WAN, and failover capability.

If T-Mobile LTE is your only WAN source you really don’t need it.

Where can I purchase this upgrade? I can’t find it anywhere.

When I click “Activate” in the dashboard it takes me to a peplink page, but not a page to purchase, or activate, the feature. I am currently in the trial.

5Gstore can order the license for you, just be sure to have your serial number ready at checkout.

As Tim mentioned, this enables the wired WAN, WiFi WAN, and failover capabilities.

I suspect this is a consequence of the reorganization of the peplink.com website (and a device user interface bug, in other words). The URL should probably be Peplink | Pepwave Online Shop