Event Log

Hi Guys,

I need to know which events are logged in Event Log


The following event log types are reported:

System (started, changes applied)
SpeedFusion/PepVPN (connected, disconnected, refused connection made from an unknown peer)
WAN (connected, disconnected)
PPTP (client connected, disconnected)
IP address conflict
MAC address conflict
HA (status change, configuration sync)
DDNS updated successfully

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Hi exists a way to configure the pepway router for report on the log file the url of user traffic or url webpages user’s visited?

@eperire, this is possible. Please find the screenshot below.

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Thanks for your quick response.

I have this product

Product code: MAX-BR1-AE-T.

Serial No.: 2931-C7E8-893D

Current firmware version: 6.1.3

Is possible setup url logging for this model and firmware?


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@eperire, please upgrade to the latest firmware version. You may download here.

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