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Tengo 6 equipos Max BR1 con PepVPN hacia un BL710, constantenmente veo alertas en Event Log = (link failure detected) y (failed to connect remote peer). Estas PepVPN estan monitoreadas con NAGIOS por SNMP y tambien se reflejan las alertas, son de segundos. ¿Este comportamiento es Normal? hay manera de minimizar la cantidad de alertas?

Link failure detected is exactly that - the WAN link is tested by the healthcheck mechanism which says it is unhealthy.

I would look at your healthcheck mechanism on the B710 WANs first by default they are set to DNS and will be using your ISP’s DNS servers, try changing the sever IPs on the healthcheck to google (, instead as your first step.

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Ya realice esos cambios y persisten las alertas, ¿Cuál podría ser la falla?

Hi Louis,

You mentioned you have 6 Max BR1 machines with PepVPN towards a BL710.
Check if the alerts are triggered by the same Speedfusion link failure.
Check the Link Failure Detection Time settings in the PepVPN profile.

When you know which profile(s) cause the problem check what happens when the link failure occurs.
Do your BR1’s have SIM cards that with dynamic IP addresses that get renewed (which might cause a short interruption). Are the BR1’s offline at the time these events are logged?

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Los BR1 estan conectados con un enlace de internet en el puerto WAN, el Link Failure Detection Time lo he modificado a faster pero continuan las alertas.

That is expected since you said you tuned the Failure detection time to faster.
The lowest detection time is 15 seconds (meaning a link failure can occur for 15 seconds before you see this logged in the eventlog).
Rather than minimizing the events in the log can you look into the reason why there is a regular link failure between 2 sites for approximately 30 seconds?