EUICC support in Max device modems?

Am wondering if the newer LTE-A devices support EUICC on the modems or not, and if not does Peplink have plans to release Max devices which do support EUICC at the modem level so re-programmable sims can be used?

Same question, I have been testing eUICC SIM’s and sent commands from OTA server but modem doesn’t change IMSI, only after a manual modem reboot the IMSI changes. I noticed that PLMN doesn’t change at all. The future is eUICC and happy to test developments.

@cgreen and @edwins

Do you have more info to share for the eUICC SIM info that you are using ?

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I dont have any as yet but our supplier is setting them up and testing right now hence the question if the modems inside the MAX series devices can support EUICC or not as I understand some do and some dont right now. e.g. the Sierra Wireless HL series can support EUICC but previous model modems cannot as I understand.

I can see many countries moving to using EUICC in time as it makes installation much simpler and no need to physically swap SIM cards in order to change network and roaming SIMs whilst useful are often expensive or not ideal in terms of local partner network.

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eUICC-SIM.pdf (441.3 KB)

so via an over-the-air server we can send AT commands to the SIM/Modem to change IMSI or load a different PLMN profile.

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Have you had a look at the Peplink SIM Bank solutions, talk with your local Peplink Partner for more info or have a look at this thread

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SIM bank solution is ok, looking to the future eSIM’s are more interesting. the phyiscal SIM will disappear, a lot of new Audi’s have MFF2 chip and you can add/remove operators whenever you like. The eUICC SIM’s I am using are setup for auto APN and roaming costs and fair user/access policies are gone. That’s what I like.

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Many Mobile Network Operators have started releasing eSIM packages but they’ve cleverly put them onto physical SIMs.

You can get the benefits of easily swapping your data plans without the cost of new hardware, or a road roll to swap the SIMs over.

If you do use these new SIMs remember to tick ‘enable roaming’ on the SIM details page in your Peplink router.

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Perhaps Telenor’s guide on eUICC could give you the answer?