Ethernet speed vs. Wi-Fi speed

I have a Pepwave MAX BR1 Classic. I have a third-party AT&T unlimited data plan with no data cap. I believe my speeds are being managed – and slowed WAY down – because my data usage increased dramatically this past month as I’ve had multiple Zoom meetings per day. Prior to the slowdown, I was consistently achieving 30-35MB/s download via Wi-Fi.

My Wi-Fi speeds are now in the range of 0.2MB/s to approximately 5MB/s download. My speeds via ethernet are 25-35MB/s download. Unfortunately, I did not use or test an ethernet connection prior to the slowdown.

To recap:
Wi-Fi speeds: 0.2MB/s to 5MB/s download
Ethernet speeds: 25 to 35MB/s download

So my question is:
Is the above speed difference between Wi-Fi and ethernet within the normal range?

Thank you for any insights.

I think I MAY have answered my own question and resolved my issue. (Crossing fingers).

I logged into my Pepwave admin and noticed I’d forgotten to switch the Wi-Fi Channel selection back to Auto. A couple of weeks ago I was experimenting with each channel to see how they would impact download/upload speeds. Going back to Auto appears to have fixed my slow Wi-Fi speed issues.

I’ll report back after more time has passed.