Ethernet Port Status

Which device support the Ethernet Port Status page?

Same questions for notifications LAN Port Up / Down?
Notificaitons help says:
Require Balance One, One Core, 210/310 HW4, MediaFast 200, MAX HD4 LTE, HD2/HD4 LTE with MediaFast, 700 HW3, HD2 HW5, Surf SOHO MK3; and running firmware 7.0.1 or above

Is this the current list?

Can someone at peplunk @sitloongs or @Eddie speak to why this isn’t a feature paritiy across the product lines?
I feel like if we are able to set an individual vlan tag then we should be able to get at least an up/down status of the port and possible also the link speed.

Trying to find out if something is plugged into the lan using the support.cgi page just doesn’t cut it.

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