Etags/caching of peplink admin page

I sometimes have to connect to my remote peplink balance’s over extremely limited links.

I often use the ssh interface for this however that interface is not as full featured as the peplink web-ui – sometimes the web-ui is required.

It would be FANTASTIC if more of the resources required to access the peplink ui would supply the necessary headers to convince my browser to cache the needed resources … Its nearly a megabyte to load all the resources for the ui to function – and almost none of the resources involved get cached by my browser …


  • Ben

Hi Ben, firmware 6.1.2 now supports remote web admin where you can log in to your remote devices via InControl2 even if they are behind a NAT’d/dynamic IP.

Does this meet your requirements?

Hi Ben,
We intentionally set the admin webui to no cache to reduce the multitude of UI errors that could occur when firmware is upgraded and UI elements change. As you could imagine, if the browser maintained webui elements in cache it could very easily corrupt a device configuration.

This lack of clent side cache is at the moment global across all webui content. I think it unlikely that we will change this approach as it could introduce considerable support issues for us in the future.

However one of the benefits of InControl 2 is that a great deal of the configuration can be performed using it in the cloud and the config changes pushed to the devices. Our intention is to continue to add new granular configuration capability to InControl 2 in the coming months, so it may well be that this will be a way forward for you.

Hi Many thanks for the responses.

For us InControl2 doesn’t seem viable – at least as it existed a few months ago … Enabling inControl2 automatically also enables the off-site performance logs and other features which generate pretty much constant peplink->cloud traffic to the InControl servers … Our links have so little capacity that this overhead seems likely to be undesirable – or at least its enough of an unknown that we don’t want to turn it on and risk damaging the already terrible experience we suppy to users who use this oversubscribed link …

If e-tags could be used or an option somewhere hidden deep in the peplink device to turn on browser caching of static resources … man it would really improve things for us … The webui is a big feature win – but really really unpleasant to use remotely over a slow link …


We will be improving the bandwidth usage of IC2. See the following for more details. Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

On 6.1.2 we have brought down the usage to 15Mb a month and 29Mbs (if using GPS). Additional usage will be applied when you access the device’s live status data from IC2.

We will still implement a “bandwidth saving mode” option under the Group-wide Settings page in the next InControl release. When the option is checked, no live status data will be retrieved from the devices in the group. The option will be off by default.