Establishing PepVPN Tunnel using specific IP Address if my WAN has multiple IPs

Dear All,
I have a case where my Network Provider gave me two subnets that are non routable and can only be used on my Edge router (in my case it’s a Peplink device), and my private networks are routed. the network diagram I included would describe it better.
so in order to establish a PepVPN tunnel I should use a routable IP (from the 172.16.x.x networks), In my case the IP is in my private network. I need something like Loopback interface in Cisco to use it for my tunnel.
if I added an additional IP on the WAN interface is there a way so I can use it for the PepVPN?
any better suggestions maybe?

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My Usual approach s to host a Fusionhub on the internet for situations like this.

PepVPN is only possible on WAN interfaces.

Wonder if you could plug WAN to LAN and assign a WAN interface for each balance in the 172.16.x.x space. You’d need to set outbound policies to only use the existing WAN connection for normal traffic
otherwise you’ll get a loop.

Thanks a lot @MartinLangmaid for your quick reply. sorry my fault I uploaded the wrong diagram.
I’ve edited my post and re-upload the correct diagram. Please check the new one.
I think what you’ve suggested is like creating Loopback interface (physically), and I guess it should work but I need something more flexible and easier to implement.


It is.

Understood but there is no other way currently. VPN tunnels can only be built to WAN interfaces.

Unless you can add another WAN connection to both balance devices that is then routable and allows traffic to flow between them. OR you get your provider to open some ports to one of your devices so you can build a tunnel on the existing providers network, I can’t imagine another way.

Thanks @MartinLangmaid for the input

yeah I think it’s better to contact the provider and see what they could offer.

I appreciate your help.

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