Establish a pepVPN or Site to Site connection without Static IP

How can I establish a connection Between a Balance SDX with Cellular WAN to Multiple UBR LTE with Cellular WAN both without a Static IP

one side will need a static ip, or you could use a fusionhub in the middle with a static ip.


You don’t need a static IP (it can be dynamic and change frequently) you just need a publicly routable IP (an IP that accepts inbound connections) preferably on the SDX in this case.

If the SDX had a public IP that accepts inbound connections you just configure the VPN in InControl and it manages the fact that the SDX IP changes.

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  • Thanks Martin, with the static ip, is it a Public Static IP, or a Network Private Static IP can be used?

If I have a public IP, can I connect multiple UBR LTE via Cellular WAN and Establish a pepVPN connection? Where do me manage the IP Changes in the InControl2?