Error 10413 in Incontrol. What does this mean and how to fix it?

Hello everyone! When I try to add peplink hd4 to my pepVPN profile, I get a 10413 error. What does this mean and how to fix it? screenshot-pepvpn.png|487x765

I’m not sure, but google gives this information. Paypal checkout error: 10413-The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts.

If you can make it happen again, hit the feedback button in InControl itself. This captures the current page state and sends it direct to the developers for review.

Thanks for the reply! I will do it as soon as I have the opportunity.
UPD: I can’t add new devices to my PepVPN profile without removing existing devices from profile. Only in this case the error disappears. It seems that there is some kind of limit on the number of devices in the profile. But I can’t find any information about it anywhere.

*about my IC2:
Product:InControl Appliance (Virtual)
Software Version: