Equipment question

Hi all this is probably a dumb question and I apologize. I want to get a peplink balance 20 and connect cable (xfinity) and dsl (sonic) as a backup. I currently rent a modem/router from xfinity. Can I use this existing equipment and plug it directly into the peplink balance 20 or will I need to replace the modem/router with a modem only? Can I plug a router into a router? Thx.

You will need to keep the modem provided by each of your ISP’s and connect that to the Peplink Balance.
You then configure the ISP modems to be in “Bridge Mode” aka “dumb mode” or “IP forwarding”
This allows you Peplink Balance to have the public IP address and avoids double NAT
Hope this helps

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To add to what @SamuelNorris said: You also have the option to hand that over-stuffed gizmo back to Xfinity/Comcast and purchase your own modem. The savings will be significant over time and you won’t have to deal with the internals of their device. That’s the approach we tend to take.

Comcast has a list of approved modems. Just be certain to get one that supports the speeds for which your account is provisioned.