Equipment for testing cellular signal etc. in areas?

Hi! Im getting more and more interested in this LTE field and im wondering what type of equipment you guys use for testing or checking signal coverage in your areas and similar? Is there any type of equipment that you can put up that is logging signal strength on celltowers for instance, equipment that scans the different service providers and signal strength on these, what frequencies that are best etc? What equipment in general is nice to have? =)

I work mostly offshore and we are sometimes struggeling between choosing VSAT connections vs. LTE as both has its benefits and limitations. Vsat which is slow but stable, and LTE which is fast but “variable” :wink:

What are your guys opinions on the subject and do you use any type of equipment except your routers? :slight_smile:

I know @chris24 has some swanky RF detection tools designed for LTE.

Personally I test with a BR1 in a battery powered portable rig.

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