EPX back pictures

Does anyone have pictures of the back of the EPX?
I’m wanting to know how many power supplies it has, and if they are hot-swap and same as SDX PRO.
Also does it have a mgmt/console ports on the back?

@Jonathan_Pitts, I don’t have an EPX, but here is some info from the product page.

Go down to the very bottom of the page, there is an animation of the whole device, between the deployment pictures and product overview information.

It looks to show 2x power, 2x ethernet (one looks to be console) , and 2x usb. It does show them powering off the whole device to swap modules and then powering it back up, so it might not be setup for hot-swap.

Thanks for the pictures, I assume the one above the usb is console and the one to the right is mgmt interface, but it would be nice to confirm.
I assume that means that if you were to order the base chassis w/o modules then it would have zero lan and zero wan.

@Jonathan_Pitts you are correct about those ports.
However, the management port is also a LAN port. So you won’t be with zero LAN, but with zero WAN only :wink:

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Manual has been updated as well with a picture from EPX back, page 73:


Looks good thanks!