Enterprise AP's will not provision using the HD2 as a AP Controller


Been at this for 2 hours finally giving up. How on earth do I connect an AP One Enterprise to a HD2 where the HD2 is the Wireless AP controller? No matter what I do, the AP One’s absolutely will not add the SSIDs to them. I have done the following all without any luck:

  • Factory reset the HD2 and AP One’s a few times
  • Disabled InControl on the HD2, and all the APs
  • Checked “Integrated AP” on the HD2 under AP Controller
  • Created a SSID under the HD2 AP Controller
  • Turned on the Wifi AP on the built in Wifi on the HD2 (not sure if that’s necessary, but either way I do NOT want the HD2 to offer wifi, only the AP Ones)
  • On the AP One’s under Controller the Controller Type is “AP Controller”
  • I also tried putting the IP address of the HD2 as the Persistent AP Controller

When you go under Wireless SSID on the AP One’s they just say “This configuration will be managed by AP Controller” and then says “No Wireless Networks.” If I set a persisent IP it says something about “This configuration will be managed by AP Controller at”

If I go on the HD2 under AP and click Access Point, it only shows the HD2 built in access point even if I check “Include Offline APs.”

I have rebooted numerous times, made sure I’m on the latest firmware 3.6.0 for the APs and 7.1.0 for the HD2.

When I got these units months ago I never could get it to work either so gave up, but now I have a use for them so wanted to make it work but same issue as before, they just will not do anything. Am I supposed to somehow add the AP’s to the HD2? I don’t see any option to do that, so not understanding how they would know to just use it.

I had the same problem trying to connect an AP Mini to a Balance One Core, it never would take the SSID settings so we had to just create the SSIDs on the AP directly which I’m thinking I’ll have to do here also.


Can you share the hardware revision of the HD2? I wish to reproduce in my lab.


Pepwave MAX HD2
Product Code
Hardware Revision
7.1.0 build 3433


Please check your settings. My AP One Enterprise detected and managed by HD2 after I enabled External AP.


AP One Enterprise