Enhancement : Configuring Non-Used LAN ports as a WAN Ports in Balance 580 and other Peplink Products

Dear Sir,

Hubergroup formerly known as Micro Inks Limited using Peplink for more than 5 years.

In our company we have following Peplink Hardware.

Peplink Model
Balance 580…4 Qty
Balance 20…12 Qty|

We have extensively used this hardware to connect various media base service like (LL, MPLS, IBW) to connect to our offices and plants across India.

In Balance 580, out of 5 WAN Ports we are using all for our WAN ISP configuration. Out of 3 LAN ports we are using 2 LAN ports to connect LAN network and for LAN bypass.

Hubergroup requirement is to use the remaining non-used LAN ports as a WAN Ports.

We are of the opinion that just like lower model after the firmware and license upgrade we can configure LAN ports as a WAN Ports.

We request hereby being your esteemed customer we want the license to allow LAN ports as a WAN ports.

We appreciate a positive line of reply from your product and support team to enhance the features to allow such configuration and this would help all the customers.

Best Wishes